Got Stains In Your Pool? How To Get Them Out

Swimming pools are beautiful when they are clean but when they get stained it’s almost all you can focus on. Most home owners are thrifty and you may or may not have gone to your local store and bought some products they said ‘Worked’ only to find out it does not. Your best option? Acid Wash.

So what is an Acid Wash?

An Acid Wash is basically an exfoliating of the surface stains. An Acid Wash can only be performed when the swimming pool is emptied by a trained professional then the crew exfoliates the surface one section at a time using acid and the results are stunning. You will think your swimming pool was built yesterday.

Some stains will not even come out with Acid Washing, namely some copper stains, however once the pool is drained you can have direct access to the stain and can be dealt with.

Acid Washing has one major drawback, you can only do it a few times. You cannot acid wash every year or the Diamond Brite will wear down and while you’re in the pool it will feel like needles on your feet. This RARELY happens, but when it does you are going to need a new Diamond Brite.

I cannot advise enough to use a company that has the proper credentials. We have unique circumstances in South Florida. The water table is 3 feet below the ground anywhere you are. If you drain your pool and don’t know what you are doing you may experince’Popping’.

Popping is where your pool is drained and the water surrounding it literally pushes it 2­3 FEET out of the ground. If you are considering an Acid Wash or re­Diamond Brite consider us at Sparkling

Clear Pool Care. (561) ­232-­8867. Ask for Stephen. Talk to you soon!